Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wales 3 All Blacks 41

Thursday was fairly quiet after Alison left, not that it was rowdy while she was here. Just before 5, our order from Asda was delivered. Friday dawned extremely wet and nasty, which wasn't good as we were walking to a fireworks party at a farm nearly an hour from here. The boys were fine: they were getting a lift so all they had to do was get to the church hall. The day brightened somewhat, so we set off to the party. Another year of fireworks, though not the same as Wellington Harbour 1998-2004. I texted David to see what he was doing: he was going to Wellington to see the show. A private show at a park isn't going to compare, but it wasn't bad. Sausages and stuff afterwards, then a walk home in drizzle.
A quiet day again today, we went to Birkenhead to buy Age of Empires III and then came back. Matthew and Viv went off to Betty's to get some stuff out of the attic/loft. they came back and Viv switched on the second half of the game. It was 13-3 at half-time, 41-3 at full-time. What can you say? A magnificent game, definitely black shirts for church tomorrow.
In other news, Aston Villa 0 Liverpool 2. A good day all round.
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