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Monday, Tuesday...

From yesterday:
I called Viv to let her know that baby Kahu had been found safely, in case she didn't catch up with the news. It's the case that's been on the front pages since Kahu had been kidnapped a week earlier. Viv was just getting back, having taken matthew to school early...none of us had remembered until the last moment that Matthew was to be at a TV show recording early on Monday morning (no, just in the audience).
The day didn't get any better: a neighbour later told Viv that one of our cats has been run over and killed (Sludge, the long haired one, is the only one unaccounted for).
From today:
A course at work today, with a lunch provided. Rolls, bagels, fruit, coffee, orange juice. For tea tonight, fish and chips hastily picked up before Viv went off to the Avalon Board of Trustees AGM. I read the boys another unsuitable bedtime story
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