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The days drift by, and they are getting colder too. I'm sure it really is colder here than it ever got in Wellington, but the numbers don't seem to agree. I know my eyeballs never froze over in New Zealand the way they sometimes do here.
Shopping on Saturday, not very successful. Church on Sunday: remembrance in the morning, a long service, which won't have been what the occasionals will have been expecting. Betty round for lunch. Fairly quiet Sunday evening service, with lots of hymns and songs.
Quiet day on Monday: more shopping, better this time. Still getting and acting on leads for work, but nothing has become a real job yet. Still, I am sure that the right thing is really just round the corner.
Another quiet day today. While Viv was out getting her hair cut, I noticed that we have never cleared the rubbish off the top of the fridge. Out they go: dodgy plastic containers and the like. Only a couple of items survived to be reviewed another day.
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