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Chris de Burgh

Chris de Burgh has just been announced as the act at the Mission Concert in Napier, New Zealand next February (with Olivia Newton-John). WHY did he not come to New Zealand while we were living there?
Chris de Burgh is the musician who can be most seen as responsible for the start and continuation of my relationship with vivh, and on whom David, Matthew and Christopher should be gratefl for their very existence.
During fifteen years living in the Pacific region, he never came to visit, yet less than twelve months after we leave, he is headlining at one of New Zealand's prestige events. No, we cannot come back just for the weekend. The cost of such a journey would be prohibitive, even bearing in mind the fact that it will be during term time.
No, Chris de Burgh is NOT a one-hit wonder. He has issued a great many albums, and anyone who has any knowledge of his music is unlikely to mention his best-known song in a list of his best songs.
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