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But that was Wednesday...

Look back at LJ. Last entry from me was on Wednesday morning. This is not good. It means I have to think what has happened since then. Notable things include
  • A church housegroup where we studied chapter 4 of St Paul's letter to the Ephesians

  • American Thanksgiving Day. This isn't a day I celebrate directly, but the strong American presence on teh interweb means it is unavoidable. This year, I discovered the phrase "slipped him some turkey" as a jocular expression as to why someone has fallen asleep, and the fact that research is being done into tryptophan, though apparently chicken contains more; one LJer refers to it rather as Pleasetaking Day (as in "Please take some more turkey", "Please take some more cranberry", "Please take some more pumpkin pie" etc.) - I don't know whether this is a standard joke; dezzikitty and jiggery_pokery announce their engagement! Congratulations to Meg and Chris.

  • Signed on the dole again on Thursday. Still not an exciting process. Groceries delivered on Thursday afternoon. Betty came to tea on Thursday evening. Had a roast dinner that couldn't be beat.

  • Friday, vivh went to her coffee and study group, Coffee Plus. I'm still thinking of starting a similar group for men, which has the working title of Beer Plus. I spent most of the day making an advent calendar for venta's extraordinary idea - see here for what this is all about. But by the time I had bought the materials I needed and got it sorted out and in the mail, most of friday was gone. I also went up to Wirral Grammar School with Viv, helping her carry some of the things we were offloading to their Christmas fair. Friday night was viciously cold and I took Chris to the Pathies vent at McDonalds. Waste of time: four leaders, two children. Then on to the church craft fair, where £4000 was made, some of it ours. A video game, a Graham Kendrick CD and a B&S CD for £1 - maybe they could have made more money if they had charged sensible prices. Also a jar of home-made lemon curd, a couple of cushions, you know the sort of stuff...

  • Once we got started on Saturday, it was off to the WGS fair. A much more effective way at parting people from their money: guess the weight of the cake, how many sweeties in the jar, tombola, books, toys, raffles. They will have made money hand over fist, I'm sure. We came home with rollerblades, soft toys, footballs, a shoe shine kit, a bar of chocolate, a bottle of blackcurrant jam I won (note that blackcurrant makes me extremely unwell), a clock, a Christmas pudding, you know the sort of stuff (again)...

  • Sunday morning...sermon on Ephesians 5, very well delivered by our curate, lunch, followed almost straight away the evening service, or so it seemed. In the morning, Steve explained that there were three things to celebrate: the successful craft fair, the wedding of Chris (our youth worker) and Abbi on Saturday, and the victory of Wales in the rugby. He didn't mention the ABs winning the grand slam. He also told us about the release of his new CD, which we bought in the evening. See http://www.stevejamesmusic.com/ for details and a chance to win.

  • That just about brings us up to date. Chris has gone to school, while Matthew is off on a week of work experience at a tea factory in Moreton. No, I have no idea at all, whatever the question is.

And all the time I have been typing this, it has been SNOWING. Nothing fancy, just vast numbers of fluffy white things falling silently from the sky to the ground. The wind last week stripped most of the remaining leaves from the trees, so the scene is undoubtedly one of winter. Unlike Narnia, this is a place where it is only winter sometimes, and where Christmas comes every year.
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