Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Tuesday morning

Good morning from ringbarkland. It's been a cold night, but without snow. For those of you imaging a romantic and picturesque winter wonderland, think again. Yesterday's snow didn't stick on the ground.

After various conversations here at LJ, we set off for Bebington, for the dreaded visit to the dentist. Viv said that for her, it was more about the money, but for me it's more about the fear. Actually, it didn't seem too bad, considering what might have been. Further, the cost will be around £65 altogether - less than NZD200.

After that check, it was down through Lower Bebington, my old area. After walking through Mayer Park, we stopped at our old fish and chip shop for a portion of hot chips. The same Chinese lady was there as ever was, but by now she's an old Chinese lady.

At the Wirral fair, I saw on one of the walls the TipTop rule about paragraphs. New paragraph on change of time, place, topic or person. So what happens when I'm writing about a journey?

In New Ferry, it was a trip to the pet shop to buy some bird nuts and to the post office to buy some envelopes. Unfortunately, the post office proved not to sell envelopes, so we will try elsewhere. But the excitement of New Ferry was seeing a car clip the corner of another car, knocking off some fixtures from it. It was a green car wot dunnit, and I was able to catch its registration and let the owner of the damaged car know.

Back to Bebington Station, home again, home again, jiggety-jig. At home, further touches to our Christmas letter. We are still planning to send Christmas cards and a Christmas letter: those who are expecting holiday cards will, again, be disappointed.

The evening was fairly quiet, except for more of Steve James' music. More web research, which will be posted shortly, but not here. Then it was time for bed, sleep and rising in the morning. We've just had breakfast and the boys have left. In the distance, I can hear the radio talking about the kidnappings in Iraq and Viv playing through some new songs on the piano.

On the radio yesterday, there was news of new research that tell us that children as young as fourteen are being used as couriers and lookouts by drug dealers. Well, golly gee, in the Hutt Valley, you'd be pretty much of a late starter if you were that old. And I don't even think it was a quiet day for news: when it is, you get "Authorities in Sydney have determined that the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are likely targets for a terrorist attack." Wow, are you sure, guys? Maybe you should stick to playing rugby. Or league. Oh, wait.

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