Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wednesday, Thursday...

It's an odd week: Monday at work, Tuesday at a course, Wednesday at work, Thursday a public holiday, Friday at work...
Wednesday was a fairly busy day, with lunchtime taken up by walking up to The Embassy to find out what time tickets go on sale for the forthcoming movie. Nine o'clock Thursday. It seemed extraordinary that the cinema management should launch ticket sales on ANZAC Day morning, but still...
I had lunch yesterday at a kebab cafe near the cinema. The kebab was fine, but the yoghurt drink wasn't and the turkish delight had a thick crust of grated coconut. Not recommended.
Today, of course, started with Matthew, David and Ian getting up at some ungodly hour 9especially for a holiday) and catching the first train into the city and walking across town to queue for the tickets. There were six people ahead of us. What has happened? Well, we can partly explain it with the opening of another cinema complex just up the road, but it didn't seem crowded there when we passed either.
After securing the tickets, it was back home and a light lunch (fish fillets and hash browns) before setting off to coach Joe for possibly the last time before the O'Shea shield this weekend. Another long session. The event starts on Saturday at 8am, with Joe's speech on Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to it. Not sure about Joe!
After that, back home and some light censoring of a script our vicar wants to use on Sunday morning.
That's about it for tonigh
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