Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The weeks tick by

It's been a quiet week in some ways, but a busy week in other ways. Last Wednesday, we went off to the service for St Andrew's Day. This was a very quiet affair, and not at all what I think was planned when the service was announced earlier in the year. From there, we went up to Wirral Grammar School to buy a ticket for their autumn concert and then into Birkenhead for some shopping.
Wednesday evening was, so far as I remember, fairly quiet. Thursday morning, the beginning of Advent, dawned with an advent calendar for the boys to open, an advent box which venta sent me, as part of her advent adeventure. I had earlier sent an item to ebee as part of the same.
On Friday, we went to Liverpool, partly just because we could, partly to pick up our train tickets to London. Three of us are travelling to London Heathrow to meet David, so we bought tickets in advance to take advantage of cheap prices.
Saturday got started very slowly, and continued pretty much the same. Viv went into town and bought tinsel, stars and things and has started festivising the house. Is that a word? I saw a magnificent hat on someone's head. It was like a Santa hat, but black and white rather than red and white, with the words Bah Humbug embroidered on it. I want one!
That was seen on out way to a church housegroup social evening, much better than it sounds. A Chinese banquet, good company, good wine. What more could you ask? Well, weather that wasn't pouring with rain for a start.
Sunday dawned brighter, and we set off to the 9:30am service, where our rector was speaking from Ephesians 5, the notorious husbands and wives passage. It's impossible to speak on this passage without receiving complaints from human rights or equal opportunity or other politically correct people, because they don't listen. I felt that this talk gave a very fair and acceptable view of what is and is not acceptable, and the critics would feel the same, if they could get past their own prejudices.
At lunchtime, we went off to Betty's house, where another fine lunch was served. This was earlier than usual because the service was also earlier than usual, but it was still getting dark by half past three.
In the evening, the theme of the service was greed, so we had two lively and controversial services over the day. Back home, the evening went on for longer than it should have done.
This morning, Viv has gone shopping with her mother, leaving me with things to do. I've done some of them...
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