Ian (ringbark) wrote,

O'Shea Shield

Following a fairly quiet Friday - being the day after a public holiday, most of the people had taken the day off - wandered home for the usual Friday traditions of Pizza and watching Blue Heelers.
Saturday, however, would be away from the norm, being the first day of the O'Shea Shield competition. I arrived just before eight for the powhiri, which was let by Joe, the student I am coaching. It was much shorter than the equivalent in New Plymouth last year, and the echoing acoustics of the gym were used to advantage during the haka.
After a snack, the events started.
Craig, who I coached last year, led a team to success arguing the affirmative of "The future is bright", largely through an exhausting and inspiring summary speech at the end.
The next event was the scripture reading, where 18 students read prepared passages. This is a very fine event.
After lunch, the first marathon event in the form of Junior Prepared Speech. This was the event which provided St Bernard's College with their first 6 (top mark possible). I left before the end of this, however, to go over Joe's speech with him for the last time.
Religious drama at the Town Hall followed at 7. An enthralling event, with eighteen quite different drama. St Bernard's, in my opinion, was indeed the finest, closing the evening and bringing the house down with a drama about perseverance presented with inspiring barbershop quartet music, hard to describe, but magnificent to see and hear. This came second equal, the highest SBC has ever reached in Drama, apparently, in 56 years of O'Shea. Magnificent.
Viv picked me up, and we came home. I was exhausted, but it's Oratory this morning, and if that doesn't exhaust me, nothing will
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