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It always seems like only a couple of days since I've written one of these, but when I check, it seems to be the best part of a week. So, what have I been up to this week? Some of the week has been taken up with the usual Christmas things, but some less usual things too. It's great to see Viv enjoying being a part of music ministry again, singing in the Christmas choir and playing the clarinet.
I think it was Wednesday that we went off to get a Christmas tree and some lights and decorations for it. By contrast, we went tothe church's monthly prayer meeting in the evening. In the good old days, I think it was called "Central Prayer Meeting" but it's now called "Time with God". (After today's service, our rector, Steve, mentioned that he reads this, but as I already have a wide and diverse readership of persons known and unknown, I already try to watch what I say here!)
Thursday was signing-on day, but for once I have job interviews to look forward to next week. Magnificent, especially if they result in offers. Friday was another quiet day, but on Saturday we went to the cinema to watch The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, referred to as LWW from now on. Spoilers may follow, depending on what I decide to write next. The movie was pretty good. I enjoyed watching it, but the story and therefore the movie didn't seem to have the depth of LOTR. Disney's decision to make LWW completely bloodless seemed a curious one, but I think that their motivation is probably to ensure a PG rating. 617 said that he heard that Susan was portrayed unsympathetically. While this is true up to a point, I'm not sure that it's worthy of seperate comment. Viv said that the point that all the characters had flaws was not made clearly in the film, and I agree with her. It's very difficult to get talking animals right in a live action movie without reducing to the absurd, but I think that it was well done this time. Will the franchise run to seven movies? A good question. The power of the mighty dollar will determine this more than the intrinsic quality of the movie. Vested interests on both sides of the religious divide may well have different views on this. Perhaps some of the people on this 'ere flist would care to share some thoughts? Steve spoke about LWW at the start of his sermon, noting that The Times seemed to be less favourable in their review because the film was seen as Christian propaganda. In my humble opinion, the idea of Christian propaganda coming from the Disney stable is extraordinary. Last night, Viv sang in a carol service in Tranmere, which I am advised had mulled wine served afterwards. She brought home some song sheets to sort out for the service next week, which kept us amused.
This morning, the last sermon from Ephesians: family life, work life and the whole armour of God. Nothing about Gaudete nor John the Baptist. Afterwards, I went off to the hall to listen to Colin talking about the Chile visit, a talk of interest because Amy, now in Chile full time, was my Bible Class teacher a long time ago. And I was talking to her only this week by the internet magic of Skype. But now, as mid-afternoon turns to night, it's time to click the "post" button. With luck, it won't be another week.
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