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Thursday late night

Following two job interviews early in the week, one of which has offered a second interview, Wednesday was a quieter day. It started with a trip to the post office to post some local Christmas cards (have you sent your cards yet?) followed by a trip to Liverpool to pick up Viv's clarinets, which was a very quick trip indeed. After that, it was lunchtime. An Asda supermarket order was delivered just after 2pm. Key questions: Why does Chicken Tikka sandwich filling keep being replaced by Coronation Chicken sandwich filling? We like both, so it's not much of an inconvenience, but we order the one we prefer. This will be our last order before Christmas, so the total non-delivery of a turkey crown was a pain too.
In the evening, we set off for a Bible study on Ephesians Chapter 4. This was my first venture into the area of leading a study for quite some time, but I thought it went quite well. The attendance was down, but this was more due to sickness than news of who was leading having leaked out.
Thursday morning, Viv went out to meet up with the rector and some singers for some carol singing at a local hostelry. A few minutes later, I set off to sign my name, but while walking to the bus stop, my phone rang. Viv wanted to know where everyone was. A quick check with the church office revealed that there was a mismatch between the name of the pub Viv had been given and the pub where the singing was to take place. The Bromborough Hotel and The Village Hotel, both in Bromborough Village, are not the same establishment. The several announcements we had heard gave the wrong name; the people who sang there last year knew; newcomers did not. It didn't affect me, but I think Viv was disappointed not be at all of the event. She did arrive in time for some of the singing, and the coffee and mince pies.
While this was going on, I was signing my name and geting to our local Asda stor to buy a chicken for tonight's evening-meal.
A school friend of mine, who has been teaching at Matthew's school now for around twenty years, came to visit, and while some if the time was spent talking about the old times, a lot of it was about the rights and wrongs of the educational and othger systems in Britain and new Zealand. He didn't leave late, giving me a chance to write a few words here before the end of the night.
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