Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Friday morning milk

Around 1:30am today I received a text message (SMS) from David. Not urgent, but important. After I read it but before going back to bed, I looked out of the window and caught sight of the milk-float driving up the road. Amazing! I always thought that was somewhere between our and five in the morning.
A quick check in the fridge a few minutes reveals we have about 12.75 pints in there. We also have 2 litres of long-life milk for use in emergency if we run out. Total of milk in other units: 19.5 US pints, 9.3 litres. That's a lot of milk...
Viv has just gone off to Coffee Plus. I think this is the last on before Christmas (but I could be wrong - I've been wrong before, occasionally). There are things we need to do before David's return (throw rubbish out of his room, check that we've got enough tomato sauce, get somewhere for him to sit...) and I think that will take up quite a bit of time.
But for now, on with the day.
Tags: moose
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