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Past the weekend

On Friday evening we played the merry dance of taking the boys to Pathfinders and back. The problem is that years 7 and 8 (Chris) meet from 6:45pm to 8:15pm, while years 9 and 10 (Matthew) meet from 7:30pm till 9:00pm. This week, the last meeting of the year, was Christmas cooking.
Then on Saturday, it was carol singing with the combined Bebington churches. Outside a local supermarket, we sang for about half an hour, and they gave us some mince pies for our trouble. As well as singing, we were promoting the local Christmas services.
Viv went off to a friend's 40th birthday party in the evening, but I wasn't invited. (But would I have wanted to go to a ladies only party anyway?) She returned at a reasonably decent hour, having had a pretty good time of it.
Sunday was the day of the carol service, but we kicked off with the morning service in the usual way. Chris went off to the Pathies Christmas party, with a packet of Jaffa Cakes and some chocolate minirolls. After the service, we went off to Betty's for lunch, a roast chicken dinner as it is most times we visit.
Soon after the meal, the boys went home and then Viv went off to the last practice before the famous carol service. The boys, especially Matthew, couldn't believe that a carol service would be well-attended, if not a totally packed church, and Matthew could not see why we had to arrive at 5:45pm to be sure of a seat at a service that didn't start till half past six. But it is indeed true. So we were there in plenty of time, also enabling someone to ask me to help sell our rector's CD at the end of the service. I don't think I can blame Matthew too much for his scepticism. Carol services in New Zealand were not major events in the way that they are in England.
A fine service it was too, with famous carols, new songs and old songs. Gaudete was probably the oldest song sung, while some of Steve's songs must have been the newest.
Home in the cold and the wet afterwards, but not too cold or too wet.
Today, posting of some letters to New Zealand and England, and the sorting of David's room. A change of sheets, discarding of lots of things, especially shoes, a check that it seemed habitable.
And that's about it. The day is winding down now, as they are wont to do. Countdown to David's arrival in England: 36 hours or so; Countdown to Christmas: 6 sleeps.
Oh, and we had our first door-to-door carol singers tonight. Two girls in silly red antlers, who sang a passable version of "Away In A Manger". £1.
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