Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The rest of the day

The oratory contest took place at Lower Hutt Town Hall. I heard speeches on all manner of issues, ranging from the Middle East to abortion, from the Balkans to New Zealand. It's inappropriate to comment in detail about the speeches, but I was mostly happy with the standard, and pleased that Joe, my student, recorded a 5 for his speech.
After the contest, it was time for the O'Shea church service, followed by lunch.
Mike F had the good sense to abandon the sandwiches and other junk and drift off to a local wine bar. We returned for the prizegiving, and the news that St Patrick's Wellington and St Mary's will share the 57th O'Shea. That will be something for next April.
Home, and a quiet afternoon and evening so far.
The boys are clearly improving at mancala
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