Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Long day, shortest day

Yesterday, I set up our spare phone with a Briish SIM card and got it going again. So it was that at 5:00a.m. we were woken by the Muppets theme on my phone and then at 5:05a.m. the spare phone woke us with the Mexican Hat Dance. An early breakfast and then out at just about six o'clock to catch the local train to Liverpool. The 7:07a.m. from Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston made just one stop at Runcorn, getting us to London efficiently. From there, it was two tube trips to Heathrow Terminal 3, where David was arriving. We had checked from a couple of websites that his flight was pretty much on time. So we arrived at Heathrow at just about the same time as David, but we got to the concourse about an hour before he did. It was good to see him, and then we whisked him back to Euston for a quick lunch.
We had a lunch on the station. Viv had something from Upper Crust, I had something from Harry Ramsden and the two boys had Burger King. Matthew missed out on the trip as he was still at school.
Then we found a photo machine and sat David in it so that we would have a picture for his railcard. As we set off to buy the railcard, we heard that the lines north of Watford were closed as a result of a serious fatality in Milton Keynes. We wondered what other sort of fatality there is. As it turned out, the delays to trains were short-lived, and the 3:17p.m. left on time.
Our trip north passed without further event, except for asking David a great many questions, of course.
After we got home, he unpacked a bag containing farewell gifts, Christmas presents and other things. Then we called Domino's - Pizza Hut don't deliver here - and had a pizza supper before we popped out to Betty's.
Return home, catch up with some email and LJ and then on our way to bed soon, as it's interview day again tomorrow.
It occurred to me a couple of days ago that bringing David back into England on the winter solstice probably isn't the brightest, but that's the way it's been.
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