Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Another early start

An early start, though not so early as yesterday. David woke me early to ask where Viv's bag was. It was where I told her last night. But by then I was awake. Well, actually, he was told to get me to and talk to her, so I was already up and about. It wasn't worth going back to bed. So we had breakfast as usual. It takes longer to cook the toast now than it did at the start of the week.
Off to Macclesfield, after letting the jobcentre know I couldn't sign on as I was going for an interview. That felt good. Travelling via Liverpool rather than Chester makes the journey slightly shorter in time and much better in quality of train.
On the train to Manchester, I was kicked by some young children also travelling, but put up with it because I remember what travelling with young children is like. The mother (who from some of the things she was saying to her fellow-traveller seems to have sepent time in New Zealand) was teaching numbers to one of the children using coins as counters. This was quite entertaining.
On the way back, I was entertained, as were many others, by a lady on the train having an almighty row with her partner on the other end of a mobile phone. That was lots of fun. Apparently he was accusing her of spending all the money, but that wasn't what he'd said, or something.
Anyway, once I arrived, there was just time for a light lunch at a place with some arches before my meeting.
On my return home, it was time for evening-meal. It seemed strage to be greeted on my return by four people.
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