Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Christmas Night

As vivh has already posted, after breakfast we set off to our church on foot. The total absence of public transport meant Shanks' pony was the only way. Actually, it wasn't bad, being ony about 40 minutes. A full and exciting Christmas service followed, including the news that our curate's baby was most thrilled by the wrapping paper rather than the presents, that our rector put his turkey in the oven at 7.30a.m. and that one of the children in the congregation had been given a Pegasus for Christmas (and very splendid it was too).
It's also the only time we have ever been asked to switch our mobile phones on during a service. There was a point to this, I think...
After the service, we set off home, but were called back. If walking, we didn't have time to go to the shortened communion afterwards, but with a lift we could, and did. The kindness of friends was much appreciated. So we arrived at the Dibbinsdale just in time for lunch, where we joined Betty (Viv's mum) and Alison (my cousin) for a traditional Christmas lunch. It was good enough, and plentiful.
After lunch, back home for present opening. The rest of the family may mention some gifts in future, but some of mine were
- a t-shirt with "Grumpy" on the front
- a pair of slippers
- a bronze tiger which must have killed Chris as he carried it home
- Schott's Almanac, Whitaker's Almanac, The Economist World in 2006
- a book about the Riemann Hypothesis
- a book for pedants
- chocolate orange
Disclaimer: not necessarily the best or most liked, just a sample that came to mind
After evening-meal time, we watched the first episode of Inspector Morse and then played a boardgame which I got for Christmas somewhere between thirty and forty years ago.
All in all, a reasonable recommencement to Northern Christmases.
Just a few minutes ago, popped out to Betty's house to borrow a cream-whipper. We don't seem to have one better than a fork, and Viv wants to get the cream whipped for a pavlova tomorrow.
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