Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Friday evening

Just about 5pm yesterday, Dave and Kate arrived, as I said earlier. We spent till late evening eating, drinking and being merry, as we shared stories about our experiences and travels, ideas about the world and how we could fix it, and more besides. We look forward ro seeing them again soon.
We surfaced just before nine this morning to a breakfast of toast and jams, marmalade and stuff. The conversation continued apace until about half past eleven when they left us. This morning, the snow had cleared and been replaced by rain. Miserable weather, but lots better for driving cross-country.
The afternoon was pretty quiet here. A supermarket order arrived just about seven o'clock, then we took the sofa-bed back upstairs, then we watched another episode of Inspector Morse. Viv is looking through the list of first names in the back of the dictionary in an attempt to jog her memory as to what somebody's name is. This method has worked before.
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