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Happy New Year

In the words of Charlie Brown, "good grief". It's already 5th January, and I haven't said a word. I'm sure I must have been doing something, even if wasn't useful.

January 1

New Year's Day. This started very low key. We were on the telephone to takahe, I was looking at LJ, Viv was talking, Matthew was playing a computer game, the other two were doing something on their computer and the new year just arrived. Nothing special, it just arrived.
Later in the day, we got up and went to church. It was a short service as we started the new year. We went off to Betty's for lunch, which was another Christmas style turkey lunch. Soon after that, the boys went home but we stayed and talked longer. We went home for a light tea, and I got a bit cross that Christopher had lost his wallet and season ticket. The evening service was shorter than the average service too.

January 2

We went to Birkenhead to have a look around the town. We bought a few bits and pieces there, including a CD by a group I liked when I was a teenager. I certainly wouldn't want to admit it in public. We also bought a CD of John Rutter for Betty and took it round to her in exchange for a cup of coffee. It would have been her wedding anniversary.

January 3

I went to the bank to discuss some matters with them. I'm not going to go into the details here, but I was decidedly unhappy with the outcome for several reasons. I don't want to talk about it here. The boys went to the dentist, and Viv has to take them because I was waiting for a phone call from the bank. The day was brightened by the arrival of two DVD package, my new year present to myself. So in the evening we watched "The Odessa File", one of my favourite films, if not my absolute favourite. And after that, there was scarcely time to watch an episode of "Inspector Morse".

January 4

On Sunday, someone invited me to go along to our church's monthly men's breakfast. I'd been thinking about going along for a while, but usually only thought of it too late in the month. The early start isn't much of a problem: after getting up around 5am for a weekly meeting for over six years, getting up at half past five for a monthly meeting didn't seem bad. The speaker spoke from Psalm 46, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble", a psalm as relevant today as when it was written. We were only half a dozen in number, meeting in the Rectory Room, a room attached to the rectory, the home of our rector (vicar, parish priest). I hadn't been there for maybe twenty five years. It's been redecorated, but the furniture is still a second hand furniture suite, though probably not the same one. My second trip from Bromborough to Port Sunlight was before eleven, as David and I set off to the dentist. Just by the bridge at Ellens Lane we met Viv coming back. While we were at the dentist, (text removed) but the most interesting thing was that they have had a flood. No wallpaper, dehumidifiers, all their leaflets sodden. After the excitement there, I took David to look round my turangawaewae, noting all the shops we went to when I was a boy, including the shop where a butcher shared a door with a new-agey-hippie-health-food-meat-is-murder place. That must have been lots of fun, but neither is what it was. The butcher's shop is now a hairdresser. A bank then is a bookmaker now. The fish-and-chip shop is still the same, and under the same management. The chips taste the same.
The afternoon wasn't taken up with anything useful, unfortunately. We watched most of the first series of "Little Britain", the other set I bought for the New Year.
After tea, it was time for the parish prayer meeting, the third trip from Bromborough Station to Port Sunlight. The church hall heating isn't working, so we went to the Rectory Room. Amazing...I don't go there for 25 years and then I'm there for two meetings in one day.
The rector spoke from Isaiah 7. Verse 9 says "if you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all" and that also is true today.

January 5

Today is sheaj34's 40th birthday. I remember wishing a work friend a happy 40th birthday. The conversation went like this:
Ian: Happy 40th Birthday, (first-name)
(friend): #()< off!
Apparently he wasn't happy to be 40. I hope sheaj34 doesn't feel like that. Other excitement included going to sign on, getting David's NI number and buying a bedside lamp for him. I read from the Schott's almanac that you can't get an NI number till you are 16y 3m old, but David obviously had one before he was 0y 10m old. And Asda delivered our groceries just before three o'clock. That pretty much brings us up to date.

It's probably not important to anyone reading this, but I've spent quite a bit of time updating and adding to the website at http://thesmirks.com - so if any Smirks fans happen to pass this way, they should zip along to the sharply improved website. Music, pictures and more...

Finally, more about Psalm 46, rumoured to be translated or written by Shakespeare, as the 46th word in the King James Version is "Shake" while the 46th from the end is "Spear".
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