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The beginning of a new week

Good day. Saturday evening was another quiet one, with little but watching another Morse and typing up my old essay. Sunday morning was the day for the usual services. In the morning, Steve spoke to us about the forthcoming series of sermons "in/up/out". Lunchtime was at our house, where a roast chicken was served, supported by the usual collection of vegetables, a bottle of flavoured water (we've had enough alcohol for a while) and a Viennetta for dessert. A Google search to check the spelling of this delicacy reveals some interesting stuff.
In the evning service, our curate Nick explained why we should strive to bring people into the church. it's not money; it's not to make us feel good. But as one of his points, he quoted the ex-CEO of Coca-Cola.
"A billion hours ago, human life appeared on earth. A billion minutes ago, Christianity emerged. A billion seconds ago, the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. A billion Coca-Colas ago was yesterday morning. Our mission is to make it this morning." (Robert Goizueta, the late CEO of Coca-Cola, explaining in April 1997 that one billion Cokes are sold every two days)
This needs more thought and analysis, I suggest.
After the service, Matthew and Chris went home, David went to the "Life" after-church group, while Viv and I went to Margaret's house for coffee and software/hardware analysis. Someone had provided her with a dodgy non-working virus checker, which I have now replaced. And it's the only place I've been recently with an unsecured wireless network next door. Free internet! Actually, it's causing Margaret a problem because her laptop sometimes finds that network but it's not strong enough to use. And once a PC has found a wireless network, it loses interest in dial-up. I'm like that, too.
This morning, there has been a stream of piffle on Radio 4. Apparently you can't be talented at maths, some people find sniffer dogs offensive but goats eat the evidence, it's troublesome for Muslims and gays to live in the same city...maybe it's a quiet day for news.

1 billion days = 2.7 million years
1 billion hours = 114 thousand years
1 billion minutes = 1,901 years
1 billion seconds = 31.7 years
1 million seconds = 11.6 days
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