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Thursday morning...after Wednesday

Good morning! It's much later than it was when I rose yesterday, but today I wasn't going on the rattler.
An early start yesterday, with a candlelit breakfast before David and I set off to Lime Street. The concern was that the trains round the Liverpool loop wouldn't be running, like on Tuesday. In fact, they were, so we arrived at Lime Street successfully and got on the Virgin train to London. Along the way, our train was delayed by livestock on the track. (Cliché for British people: perhaps they were the wrong sort of livestock) Neverthless, we made enough time to make it possible for me to get to King's Cross Thameslink to catch and express to St Albans and a taxi to the company interviewing me.
Naturally I won't discuss the interview. After this, it was back to London, where we met up with big David for evening-meal. I had suggested the Head Of Steam, as the one at Lime Street is very good, but it wasn't waht we were expecting, so we walked up the road to Mornington Crescent where we found a fine Indian restaurant.
Onion bhajee, pilau rice, garlic nan plus garlic chicken, rogan josh and chicken dhansak if I remember correctly. The time passed and we caught the 21:10 back to Lime Street.
It's a long time since I took a late night long distance train. There are some good things about it, some not so good things about it. By the time we got to Liverpool, just before midnight, the trains to Wirral were nearly finished. We caught the last train to Hamilton Square. I was surprised how few people were on it. From the square, we picked up a taxi to take us home.
No doubt David will tell you about his trip to the Tower of London at bamboobowboy while Viv will tell you about her day at the cinema and the church hall at vivh.
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