Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Famous for fifteen minutes

I used up some of my fifteen minutes this evening when I appeared on TVNZ's six o'clock news:
About a month and a half ago, I received an email forwarded to me from a friend. Alun had sent me an email on my mobile phone, but the reply did not come from me, but from someone else who had gained access to it through a bug in Telecom NZ's system.
I called their customer support line, but I'm still waiting to hear back...
Then, last week, instead of my own email, I accessed four emails from overseas sent to another Telecom user. After some stonewalling from Telecom, I contacted Bruce Simpson at Aardvark who wrote this story which TVNZ picked up, resulting in them interviewing me this lunchtime for this story which also has a link to a Real Audio video of the story. So if you want to see national news video footage of me, go along to that site before they take the story down!
In other news, not a great deal...it's been a fairly ordinary day, I just grabbed a quick snack for lunch because I was seeing TVNZ at one o'clock.
Answers to questions:
The tickets we bought last week were advance tickets for the new Star Wars movie.
The O'Shea Shield is an arts competition for Catholic high schools in the lower North Island. The seven disciplines are debating, impromptu speech, junior prepared speech, religious knowledge, scripture reading, oratory and religious drama.
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