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Well, Friday evening came and went in the usual way, though Matthew wasn't feeling so well, being full of cold and having aggravated it by ging out and playing football with school friends all day. In the evening, we took Christopher off to Pathies as usual. It's another way for him to meet people of his own age too. We dropped him off just on 7:30 - it's not quite long enough to get home and back and do anything worthwhile there, so Viv and I got on the train in the other direction and had a coffee at Lime Street station instead. There was a busker in the subway there attempting to play "Blowing in the Wind" - although he was hampered by the PA loudly announcing that the lift there would be out of service for the next seven weeks, there was no getting away from the fact that he didn't know the tune. On the way back from coffee, he was still there, still playing BITW and now also making it apparent that he didn't know all the words either.
A quiet day today. We might have picked up a phone for David, but we're still waiting for O2 to call...
About 3pm Betty came round, as invited. We spent most of the early evening watching Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby, a comedy set in a politically correct New Zealand school. Some of the cultural references don't travel well, but the principles are the same everywhere, I think. We followed this with our first big meal in the dining room with the new chairs. As a sidenote, our church hall has also got new chairs. We have six, the church hall has sixty. Soon after the meal, Betty went home and we watched another episode of Inspector Morse. We're nearing the end of the fifth series.
This morning I introduced Viv to Planarity and she's been playing it most of the day and looks all set to keep playing it for ever.
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