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Travel meme

Gacked from vivh

Ten favourite places I've been (and would like to revisit)
1 Victoria Falls, Zambesi
2 Efaté, Vanuatu
3 Harare in springtime
4 The Hutt River in flood
5 The summit of Rangitoto
6 The far north of Scotland
7 The NE corridor of the US (Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadephia, New York)
8 The skylines of Birkenhead and Liverpool
9 Macau
10 Kyoto and many more besides

Ten amazing or interesting things I've done.
1 Raced to the top of a Mexican pyramid
2 Sundowner cruise on the Zambesi
3 Both Liverpool cathedrals in one day
4 Taken a day trip to Paris
5 Looked into the crater of an active volcano (Yasur)
6 Flown over the Victoria Falls in a light aircraft
7 Looked death in the face on the Napier-Taupo road
8 Participated in Oxford's May Morning
9 Driven round Efaté island
10 Flown round the world several times and many more besides

Ten places I want to go in the next 40 years! (but haven't been yet)
1 See the mighty Amazon
2 Visit Antarctica
3 Taj Mahal and other parts of India
4 Some part of Canada, not sure where
5 The Eden Project and southern Cornwall
6 Mongolia
7 More of the South Island
8 Jerusalem and the Holy Land
9 The Midnight Sun
10 Small town USA, inland USA and many more besides

Ten things I want to do
1 See a total eclipse of the sun
2 Travel across an ocean by ship
3 Travel through the channel tunnel
4 Trans-Siberian Express (or Trans-Mongolian)
5 Be reported for doing something genuinely newsworthy
6 Fly on a supersonic plane
7 Spend more time in London (and other) museums
8 Visit all the Disney theme parks (Japan, Hong Kong, Paris, Orlando, Anaheim)
9 Celebrate the birth of my grandchildren (but not yet)
10 Go to a major social event and many more besides
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