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More quiet days

On Monday night, we watched an episode of Inspector Morse set in Australia. It was an interesting episode, not least for the portrayal of Australia by presumably British scriptwriters.
Viv went off with her mother on Tuesday morning to a financial planning seminar, while I stayed at home. I used the services at skype.com to talk to a former work colleague in Melbourne. No wonder the telecoms companies are worried. Half an hour for about 60c. David and I went off to Birkenhead just as Viv got back, and we were finally determined to get him a new phone. We managed to do this, and he seems pretty happy with it, but as for actually buying it, what a kerfuffle! Bound up by all the rules of the telecoms, financial and insurance regulatory bodies, combined with the underlying assumption that anyone applying for credit is a crook, it was not a straightforward process. There's no point in going to another company, as regulation is stifling innovation.
Anyway, once we were back, it was nearly time for me to attend a seminar of my own: Problems with the COSO Approach to Operational Risk Management. I understand this is now online at http://www.prmia.org/events/view_events.php?eventID=2165 but I'm not sure whether this a public link, or whether anyone reading this actually cares anyway.
Tuesday night was also the first proper parent's evening at Chris's school. This made for an interesting time: the positive messags from the teachers were largely consistent, but not something I propose to discuss in detail here. Whether very, very good or very, very bad, this is not the place to talk about this, any more than I would talk in detail about an annual work review for me.
Moving on to Wednesday, that was a quiet day too. We posted some parcels to New Zealand, we received the first of our subscription to Time magazine (a year for less than £25 - Time's cash flow must be in a bad way) and various other bits of interesting mail. Then David went off to "Life", the youth group at church, while Viv and I went off to our housegroup, still studying Paul's letter to the Ephesians.
Home time, then bed time, sleep and up in the morning. Not too much has happened yet today. On the radio, the Chief Rabbi is talking about remembering the Holocaust today: not just the Jews, but the other victims too: the gays, the gypsies, the handicapped...how those who were helping the victims didn't think they were doing anything special: they were just doing what was right.
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