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Yesterday, Thursday, we went to Chester just to have a quick look around. It hasn't changed much, of course. A salesman was demonstrating his wares, and for the first time in a long time, we bought the product he was hawking. In this case, sharp knives. We also bought a new salt and pepper grinder set, to replace the 99p salt mill and really tired old pepper mill we had. Then home to prepare for our visitors. A fine meal, good company and conversation. If it stops being like that, maybe we'll need to rethink our guest list. Not yet: that was a good evening.
Today, to the dentist for an unhappy filling, the start of a short course for me, and then a bus ride to go to a bank to change a card's PIN. Back home, lunch, that's all.
In real life major family news, the New Zealand NCEA results have been published. Needing 80 credits to pass, David has 171. This is of course, very good news.

I can't help thinking that this one is claptrap, but still...

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