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Well, it's the end of the weekend

Well, there it goes! Saturday was a slow day, but busier than many have been recently. We went off to Birkenhead to get some photos developed before going up to Bebington village to look at some paint (which will be for Viv's birthday) and then to Somerfields to get some tablecloths. In the evening, we started on Series 6 of Morse.
This morning, the series on wisdom continued in our morning service. For the first time, I was asked to lead the prayers, which I did using some prayers drawn from the New Zealand prayer book. Lots of people thanked me for them. Viv said it was almost cheating to use liturgical prayers they hadn't heard before. That's probably true: my prayers in New Zealand based on the English book seemed to go well.
After lunch, which was chicken supported by leftover vegetables, leftover dessert and so forth, we went off to Betty's to help put together a new phone and a new DVD player.
After the evening service, we came home and watched Lewis, the sequel to Morse, following Lewis's promotion. I guess that this has yet to arrive at other global locations. But it's now bedtime.

Happy birthday to frayer for tomorrow: 30 January is significant to me as it was on Monday 30th January 1984 that I started my first real job, at NCR Limited in Sheldon, Birmingham. 22 years ago.
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