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An early start, with the parish's monthly men's breakfast. Our rector started with a quick thought from Isaiah, then our curate shared some thoughts from Ephesians. Back home after bacon sandwiches and coffee, and a slow morning. Our order from Asda arrived just before 11am, meaning that we had more stuff to eat. In the afternoon, we went off to Birkenhead, where I purchased a suit. Compared with New Zealand corporate wardrobe prices, it was very cheap. Jacket £50, trousers £29 each - I bought two pairs. Meanwhile, we saw a reduced jacket which we got for David. That's Marks & Spencer pricing for you. Once we got back home, we let Matthew in...he was keyless. Not long after, and it was time for David to go off to "Life", the youth event. Soon after, we were at the parish's monthly prayer meeting. Viv's friend Helen, who had her 40th birthday and party in December, gave us a lift home and we talked afterwards.
This morning, sheaj34 came round for coffee, as I prepared to go off and sign on, followed by a job interview in Chester. It's very cold today. As I walked down the road in my new suit, there was no shaking the thought that it was very cold. There was also no shaking the mental image that I would trip over and graze my knee while putting a hole in the trousers. But I didn't. I walked up from Chester station into the city, where a third interview with a company took place. I have high hopes of an offer, but I also have another interview tomorrow. Tonight, we're off to a TEAR Fund meeting. It's all go.
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