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Saturday morning - walk

After the meeting on Thursday night, there was quite a bit to reflect on. The point that we are so privileged here is key: we do not need so many things to function. I think Viv has already talked about that in her LJ.
Friday morning, an early start as I had an interview in Chester. I was back at lunchtime, and Betty came round to visit in the afternoon. In the evening, I was still struggling with some pain in my teeth, and after Morse had finished, I was all set for an early night. Viv put on the Fellowship of the Ring, but as I was watching that, I got to thinking about how it had been when I was here a year ago. That wasn't a good thing. After that, I went off to bed and left Viv watching the film.
This morning, we had to be up early as we needed to take Matthew and Chris to the church hall for a road trip and walk in North Wales. Apparently they are going to visit a power station in the side of a mountain.
We just went off to a supermarket and bought some bread, rice cakes, tablecloths and panadol.
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