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Alphabet meme - from moth1 via vivh

A - Accent: Northern English. A bit Liverpool, a bit Cheshire, scarcely any long vowels

B - Breakfast Item: Porridge and toast, orange juice and coffee

C - Chore you hate doing: most of them

D - Dad's name: John Alexander

E - Essential everyday item: American Express. I never leave home without it.

F - Flavour ice cream: French Vanilla

G - Gold or silver: Speech is silver, silence is golden. So I appreciate both of them.

H - Hometown: Bebington, Wirral, though I was born in Liverpool.

I - Insomnia: Not at all

J - Job Title: Risk Analyst

K - Kids: Three sons born in three different countries

L - Living Arrangement: Freehold house, inherited from mum and dad. Needs attention. No complaints.

M - Mom's birthplace: Irby, Wirral. I think.

N - Number of significant others you've had: Viv is the only one who has ever been significant. Married 18 years so far.

O - Overnight hospital stays: None, except when I was born.

P - Phobia: Scarcely.

Q - Queer: No.

R - Religious Affiliation: Christian first, Anglican second.

S - Siblings: none

T - Time I wake up: Up just before 7.

U - Unnatural hair colours I've had: None. Natural is fine: why try to be something I'm not?

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: Green cabbage

W - Worst habit: Slacker

X - X-rays I've had: Chest for residence in NZ. Chest again to help the radiology lab profits, as part of a NZ scam. Couple of dental ones.

Y - Yummy: absinthe, bagels, bread, cashew nuts, coffee, corn fritters, curry, dark chocolate, kahlua, mango lassi, marzipan, mole poblano, oats, pavlova, pizza, rice pudding, white wine, - and that's just from my LJ interest list

Z - Zodiac sign: Reborn under the sign of the cross.
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