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Frank ate it

Well, as I said a moment ago, it's sometimes tough on Tuesday night to remember what happened on Saturday night. Sometimes I don't even know what happened half an hour ago. Anyway, after we'd been to the shops on Saturday, it was pretty soon after that time to go and pick up the two boys who had been on an adventure in North Wales. A power station they saw there has two lakes for hydro elctric generation. Overnight, they use spare power to pump water uphill, and use it by day to deal with requirement spikes. The fastest response in the world apparently: from nothing to 1500 MW in 12 seconds. No doubt I will be put right by the well informed members of this flist if I am in error.
Saturday night, we came back, we ordered fish and chips for those with simple tastes, curry for those with more exotic tastes.
On Sunday morning, being the first Sunday of the month, the service starts earlier, which means we weren't game to use the rail replacement bus, so Betty took us.
Helen was preaching further on Wisdom, and drew from her own collection of etiquette and manners books of antiquity, comparing and contrasting with the book of Proverbs. After the service, lunch at Betty's. Turkey was the meat of choice, for a change. In the afternoon, we watched an episode of the Crocodile Hunter set in Vanuatu.
Not long after, it was time to take the bus to the evening service. Before that, it was a session learning how to use the data projector and supporting software.
Monday morning, Viv had an unhappy time at the dentist. Late afternoon, David and I went out to the post office, before a light evening-meal and Viv going off to a music practice. I spent the morning publishing Viv's new website and the evening adding large amounts of new material to http://thesmirks.com after receiving a load of press cuttings about the band, for which I am very grateful.
Then, this morning, we went to Wirral Grammar School. David had a tour round the school, and then we had a short discussion with the head of 6th Form. After that, we went off to Liverpool. (We've now reached where we were when my first version of this was eaten.) We bought a selection of things for the international supper this weekend and for Viv's party on the 25th. Various other bits and pieces too.
A fairly quiet afternoon after that. mike2sheds mentioned a site at http://www.pandora.com which builds your own radio station, and I was trying that before we started to watch Morse.
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