Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Another busy week - let's try catching up

Friday night saw District Officer Training in Manukau, followed by a fairly late night.
The evaluation contest was won by Kim from Division E - our division, so a local winner for greater Wellington.
The international speech winner was Ivan, the gentleman from Rotorua, a very popular winner, who beat our speaker John into second place.
Nevertheless, a very enjoyable weekend, with Roger Hall being awarded the Communicator of the Year award.
All too soon, the weekend was over, and it was back to the Capital:
Tuesday saw me at the Fire Extinguisher training course, a must for any budding arsonist. We were taught about the three things a fire needs (fuel, heat, oxygen) and the three ways of extinguishing one (starvation, cooling, smothering) and moved on to practical exercises.
Tuesday night was the next church leaders meeting.
Today saw me chairing a Capital Breakfast Toastmasters meeting, followed by the first day of a two day First Aid course. I'm sure there's a better way to phrase that.
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