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Saturday. late morning

Good morning from Bromborough. Last night, we all went off to Bebington Life for the quiz night/fish and chip supper. That was fun, for us and for the eighteen tables of quiz and fish and chip aficianados. Four round of questions (music, current affairs, tv/film, sport) and one round of fish and chips, with a reflective talk at the end. Our team, I am told, came sixth. Not too bad, I think.
It was a cold night when we returned home, with the moat at Marford Oaks almost completely frozen.
It was little better this morning as David and I set out to the men's breakfast. Fifty turned out for this, more attracted by the breakfast than by the talk, I think. What will our legacy be? That was the question posed at the end of the event.
We came home by way of Asda. Butternut squash, milk, Financial Times.
Next up: the film in church this afternoon. Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
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