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Good evening

It was freezing cold in church when we went to see Wallace and Grommit. It was, I felt, an unusual choice of movie, but there we have it. The film contains lots of visual gags and clever word-play, but I didn't find it kept my attention. Most interesting of all was seeng and talking to a friend from university, who I heard was in the area but whom I hadn't seen yet.
We came home after the movie to get ready for the international supper. See me at the international supper at the top here... http://www.tech4christ.co.uk/bpc/control.php?&topgroupname=Whats_on&groupname=DownToEarth&subgroupname=InternationalDinner - I'm the one without the moko. It was a great evening, with food from New Zealand, Italy, Egype, Russia, Ireland, Tanzania, Poland, England and Celtic Lands. Magnificent, and lots of fun.
Sunday morning, another sermon about the wedding at Cana, but in the evening our speaker David Rowe spoke from a number of passages including Jesus healing on the sabbath, about living water and about other things to the theme "what do you make of Jesus?"
After the service, Viv went off to the pub with some of the ladies from church, while I talked about some other things around church before getting a lift home.
This morning, I set off to ge some European euro from the bank. Every bank in New Zealand carries a supply of foreign currency, in major currencies: Australian and United Sates dollars, Japanese Yen, Great British Pounds and European Euro. Yet the New Ferry branch of Lloyds TSB does not have any foreign currency at all. It's only a small branch. So I went to the main branch in Birkenhead (population around 100,000) and they don't have any either. So I tried the main branch in Liverpool (population over a million, about the same as Auckland) and they don't keep any either. I find it an astounding piece of policy that a major bank in a major city does not carry any foreign currency for customers.
I went to Thomson's, a travel agency, where without a queue I was able to change pounds for euro with no problem. No queue, courteous service, convenient small value notes. Tell me again why the British banks are worried about non-banks poaching their business?
On my return home, I received an extraordinary email from a recruitment consultant, of which perhaps more later.
Viv had an experience at the dentist this morning which she may share with you elsewhere. After evening-meal, being salmon steaks and vegetables, we settled down to watch Inspector Morse. Tonight's episode was one which contained a minor scene I remember from of old. It wasn't important in the whole plot, but it stuck in my mind the way some scenes sometimes do. It was the scene where Morse visits the book collector who has called his lawyer. I'm frustrated that I can't reach the site http://www.morsemania.co.uk which was in full swing when we started, but which seems to have dropped out in the last week or so.
If you haven't responded to the survey at http://kevan.org/johari?name=ringbark yet, please do so. I think the server is in better shape now that it was at the peak. While LJ doesn't seem to have the power of Slashdot, Gnome or BoingBoing, it is still well able to cause smaller web servers to crash and burn temporarily.
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