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I don't like it

Sometimes, I'll look back at my LJ and realise that it's several days since I posted, when I thought it was only a couple. Nothing since Monday night! Ha! So where did three days go?
Tuesday: can't remember much about it. Viv rearranged the dining room, I washed a load of plates and things that had been in there for years, we had cod fillets for evening-meal, a salesman came and talkd about windows and doors, and how much it would cost to replace them all. He was here for three hours.
Wednesday: not much on Wednesday. Some tidying up, mission meeting in the evening, pretty quiet.
Yesterday: went with vivh for coffee at sheaj34's place, signed my name at the Jobcentre, discovered that you need to sign off if you're going overseas even for four days - I guess it keeps down the number of long-term unemployed - more sorting out in living room, bought train tickets to get us to London next week, collected them on the way to school to see MOV. As you may remember, David played Shylock in Taita College's MOV last year, so we were interested to see what Birkenhead made of the play. David says the parallels between the styles of the two productions was remarkable.
After that, we walked down through Claughton to Laird Street, where we caught the 240 to very close to home.
After a night of sleep, breakfast. That's all so far.
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