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Weekend at home

Friday was a quiet day. Viv went off to Coffee Plus, I went off to the dentist, who didn't do much. So I was back soon after that, giving me time to do a few bits and pieces. The younger boys were going off to laser shooting later, so we took them to that, while David and we went to the local curry house (Bebington Balti Spice), where we dined as we do. David went home after that, but we took a rail trip to Liverpool and to Birkenhead Park before picking the others up. Well, as it turned out, we didn't pick them up: on our way to get them they sent a text to say they were getting a lift. So we could have gone home hours earlier.
This morning has been some tidying up, ordering drinks for the party, and various bits or preparation.
Party, what party? vivh will be 40 next weekend, so on Saturday 25th there will be a party at home from 7pm to mark this auspicious event. If you're planning on turning up, please send me an email or a comment if we haven't heard from you already. Official recommendation of accommodation: http://www.dibbinsdaleinn.com/
But for now, Viv has asked me to take a couple of photos, after which we're going to Asda.
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