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Saturday afternoon we did indeed go off to Asda and buy lots of non-consumables for the party (though in IT terms, what we bought would be called consumables...) On Saturday night we went to see Jonathan and Claire and play "Mine-a-million Business Game", which was a good night for all, especially Jonathan. We got a late train home, but were able to get up in time for the two services on Sunday: the first one was a baptism, followed by a lunch in our church hall. I must say that a fine spread was put on by all those (including us) who had brought plates, and there was ample varied food to eat, though it was quite different to the feast a New Zealand group would put together.
But the main point of this entry, of course, is to tell you about today. We got up at a ludicrous hour to catch a train to Liverpool. Perhaps I should have let the boys know more than twenty minutes before we were leaving, but I'm sure they needed the sleep. Anyhow, we caught a train to Liverpool in time, and had breakfast at one of the emporiums there, being a croissant shop. Then a straightforward Virgin train journey to Euston, a tube ride to Victoria and an alarmingly expensive journey to Gatwick - even with a railcard, the five of us pay £59 for a return from Victoria to Gatwick.
We wandered round Gatwick a bit before having lunch, then wandered some more before going to the gate for our BA flight to Pisa. As I said to Viv, I haven't flown with British Airways since 1989 and now I remember why.
Italy: now there's a country not worried about national security. Five British passports - five people - he just checked that the numbers matched and handed the passports back unopened. Were we the same five people? Were the passports expired? Who cares? (Answer: the staff checking us in at the hotel, who needed to see all the passports and copied down our names.) Anyway, we bought some train tickets - an hour and 90km on the train - €30 for all five of us - though the first train was cancelled. We're here now! I've just had some ham and melon balls, while the others have had steak or chicken. It's only just past 9pm GMT / 10pm Italian but I'm exhausted, so I think we will turn in soon. Though maybe Viv will enter something here before bedtime.
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