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07:21 pm: A day in Florence
Started ealy with a top-grade Hilton beakfast: although the food was the same, it wasn't quite the same. I also reckon that over all, Italian food seems sweeter than English or Kiwi fare. Then a quick taxi ride to the Uffizi gallery, where the queue took a while. Adults pay €6.50, Europeans under 18 don't pay at all (if they have brought their passports). It is a truly magnificent place, with a large number of marble busts from Roman times and many pictures from most centuries since. Yes, we saw Botticelli's Birth of Venus, the most famous work there. But there are so many other inspirational works there. Just over half-way, it was pat lunchtime and we were suffering art overload and so we went for a light snack in the caffetteria there. Don't do it. A can of Coke was €5 - equivalent to £3.42 or $5.94 (NZ$8.92) - not at all good. Still, after that we went off to the Duomo, the massive cathedral in Venice with a length of 153m and a width of 90m - immense! Matthew clearly won't pass for a Catholic, as he was not yet adept at acquiring, lighting and paying for a votive candle. I suppose he'll learn how it's done.
The dome bears images of heaven, earth and hell and we studied it from close to by climbing up the top of the tower, where there are two balconies on the inside, one at mural level and one just below. The climb goes higher still, and takes in a lot of Florence skyline. We only lost Chris for a short time, and were all reunited in time to zip off to the dreaded arches for a familiar and quick meal, feeding us all, with more coke included, for €30. While we were at the station, I bought tickets for our day trip to Pisa tomorrow. I understand they have a tower that isn't quite straight. We'll see.
It seems quite different from the night twenty years ago exactly, when a young Ian was at the Baltimore Diner in Leeds asked a young Viv to marry him. She said yes.

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Date:February 21st, 2006 06:45 pm (UTC)
-asked a young Viv to marry him. She said yes.
Aw, that's so sweet!

Wow, I wouldn't be buying any Coke over there! Even the Golden Arches sounds incredibly expensive. But I guess your family eats more than mine at this stage ;)

The trip is sounding great so far. That's excellent. Getting any DaVinci code feelings yet? Looking for hidden clues anywhere? *g*

Happy travels to you all.
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Date:February 21st, 2006 07:14 pm (UTC)
Getting any DaVinci code feelings yet?
We saw the book of the DaVinci code decoded or explained or whatever it is, translated into Italian, but I haven't the original book here. I also saw a translation of HP and the HBP.
Looking at some of Leonardo's paintings, I think some of his theology was a bit dodgy.
And yes, we probably do eat more than your tribe. However, a full kingsize combo (big mac, large fries, large Coke was €6, which is NZD 10.70. Hmmm, maybe that is quite a bit, but it seems favourable compared with England. Like everywhere else, some things are dear and some cheap. Rail travel: cheap. Junk food: dear. 20 years: priceless.
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