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Ian's version of what Viv just posted.
Another Hilton breakfast, followed by a train journey to Pisa. Nothing surprising there, except that what was a 90 minute journey on Monday night took us just over an hour. From there, we ambled through Pisa to the cathedral complex, including the very famous tower. At €15 for the Tower and €8 for all the other bits, it was a reasonable sort of day. The tower is a decent climb, and a magnificent view from the top. As is my custom, I phoned someone from the top of the high thing - this time it was stickystone who was so privileged. Although the view was fine, I found the lean a little unsettling, to be quit honest. I also think that the marble steps leading up and down would be little short of treacherous in wet weather. Fortunately it was reasonably dry.
Before the Tower, we'd been round their museum, another art/statues/plaster/fresco extravaganza. Interesting, but overwhelming. Like so many places, I'd rather be able to visit it gradually over a much longer period of time. But that never happens, does it?
Then we went off for lunch at a very agreeable pizzeria in Pisa, where we all chose pizzas mostly to our taste - Christopher chose a completely white pizza, which was very boring to my mind and only €4. After lunch, more exploration and climbing. The cathedral was obviously smaller than Florence's, but worth a visit. (Is it just me, or are electric votive candles an abomination?) The baptistry, a large round building with not much in it, was next - you could climb to the top of that too - up there were a number of glass cases of the museum type, all empty. The cemetery/mausoleum was fascinating: it's being restored, and the picture show how it was: a few walls and a pile rubble. It will take years of work before it is anything like the grandeur it deserves.
But the day was pretty much over by then, so we walked back, stopping off at a few shops to buy some things. Back to Firenze, a light evening-meal, back to the hotel, coffee, shower, almost bed-time. Key purchases today: birthday card, shampoo, t-shirt...not a high-spending day.
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