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It's over

Earlyish start on Thursday morning, another breakfast, checkout, trip to station, short work round Firenze to soak in the culture a last time before we caught the slow train to Pisa Airport. Just after 12 we checked in. A few ice-creams and we were on board for a 1pm flight to Gatwick. BA food: still lousy. From Gatwick, where immigration is still a breeze if you're European, we were soon on our way to Victoria and then Euston, where we were just in time to catch the 16:17 from Platform 14. Unfortunately, there were a few problems with the train...such as...the brakes weren't wotking, so we were transferred to another train on Platform 12 about fifteen minutes later. Some people thought that their seat reservations were still valid after that chaos. They're in dreamland...no, wait, people move rather than cause a fuss. Anyway, no further events of note on the way to Lime Street. Once we were home, we established that the radiators weren't working, but thanks to the Man calling this morning, they are now. Nothing much has happened at home while we were away. Evidently a cold snap, while the global news appears limited to the shameful bombing of the Islamic holy site and the largest cash robbery in British history.
This morning, coffee for Viv, while the rest of us get on with the normal bits of life.
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