Ian (ringbark) wrote,

I don't know where the time goes

And then the next thing we knew, it was Sunday afternoon again...
The first aid course finished on Friday, with everybody on the course passing, giving me a first aid certificate good till 10th May, 2004.
Last weekend seems such a long time ago, and I can't really remember much about what we did, so instead I will move on to the days and evenings of this week.
Monday evening...the AGM of Upper Hutt Toastmasters. Viv's term as President ends at the end of June, and it's time to congratulate Ella as president elect and the rest of the new committee there.
Tuesday evening...Parish prayer meeting. A disappointing attendance at this meeting, I'm sorry to say.
Wednesday evening...The premiere of Attack of the Clones, which I will describe below.
Thursday morning saw another conference call with our parent bank, which helped us considerably with the direction of our project. The day continued as it should, with all the things that usually happen. Thursday evening was the Humorous Speech contest at Capital Breakfast. Traditionally, this contest is a dinner meeting, and so it was this year. As a District officer, I'm ineligible to enter, but provided a "warm-up" speech. David won it for the second year in a row. Well done!
Friday lunch was at Mezzini's, rather than a curry house, which may explain why we had a curry on Saturday night at home. Friday night drinks, which were scheduled for Shed 5 on Friday night, were postponed because Mike had to delay it until another time.
Saturday and Sunday...pretty quiet days by any standards, a long awaited quiet weekend. Today is the festival of Pentecost, the birthday of the Church, so we celebrated at this morning's service.

Well, the last film came out in June, 1999. The question was what the next film would have to offer. It seems to have received mixed reviews, but here is my comment on it all.
Viv and the boys met me in town at just after 6 o'clock on Wednesday night and we went off for a light snack at Burger King before going on to the Embassy Theatre. The premiere was a fund-raiser for the Embassy Theatre Trust, and looked set to be a very special event. Two ushers, one with a Jedi green light sabre and the other with a red Sith light sabre were on hand to show us to our seats. Just before nine o'clock, the curtain came up on the film, without trailers, without adverts - we were straight into it and the news that the Republic was in turmoil. A recurring theme through the film was the developing and ultimately ill-fated relationship between Anakin and Amidala. This has been described as far-fetched or trite by some reviewers, but I didn't find it so. I thought that some of the dialogue between the two seemed quite plausible, and those who don't think so have evidently never encountered quite such a relationship.
However, there is far more to the film than that. I felt that the development of the story through words, followed by action, followed by more words and then more action made for a film that had just the right level of balance.
If I have to choose a planet for my next holiday, I certainly won't be going to Camino (sp?) which seems to have the worst weather of any planet I have ever seen in any movie, an incidental twist of the plot which appealed to me.
Other high spots in the movie include the extraordinary city scenes and driving/flying scenes, and the cheap jokes with the Jedi mind trick, back for another run.
The most popular scene seemed to be Jedi master Yoda finally seen in action with a light sabre himself. The joke was that after displaying amazing agility surely beyond what is physically possible, at the end of the battle he again picked up his stick and hobbled away.
Certainly better than the first episode, I would commend this film to anyone, an action packed movie with some imaginative touches throughout.
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