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When things are running smoothly (as they did last night, in fact), it's just an hour on the train from Liverpool to Manchester Airport. That was easy. This morning, a light breakfast at the hotel, well, not so light, and then a short shuttle ride to the airport. The flight to London City was very interesting: it started with looking over white fields, then as we went further south, the fields got greener. We flew over central London, where I saw The Gherkin for the first time, as far as I remember.
Arrival at London City brought the news that the flight to Brussels is cancelled but I can fly to Antwerp, half an hour away instead, so I'm doing that. The Zurich flight is also cancelled. So, it all adds to excitement, doesn't it? The terminal here is a hustle and a bustle, perhaps to about the same level as Wellington domestic on a weekday.
It's certainly moved on since I last visited here, just on foot, a day or so after it opened. It was a barn in those days, but now it looks and feels like a real airport.
What fun it all is - I think I'll be off in a minute though.
New flight: VG 104 from LCY to ANR.
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