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Brussels Airport - no more cancellations

Well, that's been a day. From Antwerp, it was a half hour in a taxi to Brussels, then a short 8 euro ride to the interview. They asked sensible and challenging questions, but at the end of it I couldn't pick whether they were thinking "yes, we must hire him!" or "thanks but no thanks". After an hour and a quarter there, it was time to go to the airport. They wanted £75 for me to change my flight from Manc to Liverpool. so that was definitely thanks but no thanks. At the extremely fine Brussels bar, 9.95 euro bought 500ml of Leffe Blonde and a plate of salami olives, cheese and sausage. I didn't like the coarse seed mustard, but have come to the conclusion that green olives are ok, but black ones are still horrible.
I'm sitting in the departure lounge at the moment, powered by batteries and wireless, with an amazing byzantine set of screens to get through before you can connect to the 'net. But I'm here at last.
To all those of you reading this, hello! It's been a good day, and it will carry on that way. If I can get a train from Manc to Liverpool, it will be even better. My flight is scheduled to arrive at 9:25pm, my last train is scheduled to leve Manchester Airport at 9:30pm. What do you reckon?
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