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copied from kinkyturtle and some others

These aren't necessarily the top ten, and not even in order, but still...

1 Chris de Burgh
2 Bob Dylan
3 The Stranglers
4 The Beatles
5 Peter Gabriel
6 U2
7 Queen
8 Magnum
9 The Smirks
10 Hawkwind

What was the first song you remember hearing by #6?
Gloria. It was current at the time, and it had a freshness and a power not often heard elsewhere.

What is your favorite album by #9?
Now, there's a thing. I suppose it must be Smirkology...but there's a story there, sin't there?

What is your favorite lyric that #5 has sung?
September 77, Port Elizabeth, weather fine
It was business as usual in Police Room 6-1-9.

How many times have you seen #4 live?
I'd have put these in a different order if I'd known the questions in advance.

What's your favorite song by #7?
Many, but I'd put '39 close to the top. Choosing Bo Rap would be so much of a cliché.

What is a good memory you have considering the music of #10?
Seeing them live in a tiny venue in Wellington.

Is there a song by #3 that makes you sad?
Probably yes, but I'd struggle to choose one. Perhaps Strange Little Girl or Princess of the Street.

What is your favorite lyric that #2 has sung?
Inside the museums, infinity goes upon trial.

Where are the rest of the questions? I haven't told you anything about #1 or #8, and there's plenty I could tell you.
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