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The paradox

The paradox is that when I am at home, I don't update as often as I do when I'm out doing things.
I arrived home after 1am on Saturday morning. The delay in the flight from LCY to MAN, compounded by the fact that the station is right the other end of the airport to Terminal 3 meant that there was no chance of getting the last through train to Liverpool, so I took one from the Airport to Piccadilly, where there proved to be a choice of two to Chester. I took the later one, on the basis that a nice train taking an hour was a better bet than a dodgy one taking an hour and forty. On arrival at Chester, nothing was happening, so I got a taxi the rest of the way home. Should I have got one all the way from the airport? Probably.
The effect of this was that very little happened on Saturday. Matthew had waited up to make sure I got home safely. Shouldn't it be the other way round? On Saturday evening we watched Inspector Morse. That's about it for Saturday. The snow laid round about, deep and crisp and even.
Sunday was livelier: we were up in time to get to the 9:30am service to hear Debbi expounding part of the book or Proverbs: the sluggard was a key, but that wasn't the whole of it.
Lunch at Betty's, and then a trek into Birkenhead with David to find the archery club. Then home, then the evening service.
Monday was a pretty quiet day. Viv went to the dentist. After that, we threw a load more things into the skip. The garage is looking a bit better for it. A lot of papers and other stuff, most if the unsaleable rugs. Viv went to a music practice in the evening, I didn't. For which everyone should be very grateful. I made some more changes to http://thesmirks.com - single click music, using the same technology found to play the sounds at http://www.tombakersays.com - thanks to jiggery_pokery for attracting that site to my attention.
Tuesday morning and it was off to Birkenhead with vivh to get some things for mespot's birthday tomorrow. Home after a brief excursion to BK in time for a PRMIA seminar, which proved to be rather disappointing. Then it was mundane stuff again. Matthew was asking a couple of physics questions, which is quite promising as there is a module test (or whatever they are called) tomorrow.
Finally, all you activists, slacktivists and supporters of Cancer Research UK should go along to http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/fionabarlow and sponsor Fiona as she takes part in the Race for Life. I think it would be fine to get at least a couple of names she's never heard of onto her sponsor list. Many of you will know that last year my mother and father-in-law both died as a result of cancer, so it's a charity I am happy to support.
I haven't yet heard anything back from Brussels about the job opportunity, so I am still exploring other avenues, one of which has an interview next Monday. Another looks like it may reach that point in the next week too. Let's wait and see!
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