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Th, Fr, Sa...

Thursday was less than momentous. Kicked off slowly, then petered out completely. Another quiet day. Not a lot, as far as I remember. But we did wander round Bebington, delivering the last couple of party invitations before coming home. After evening-meal, we went round and picked up a Bible we had left behind on Wednesday night. After that, we went to talk to some people who are thinking about emigrating to New Zealand. It was a wide-ranging discussion, and we were there till nearly eleven.
Friday morning, Viv went off to Coffee Plus, we went off to the shops to buy useful stuff like a birthday cake before seeing the two younger boys to Pathies while the three big people went to Alam Balti. That was the best Indian meal we have had since returning to Angleterre.
This morning, making the house reasonable for a 12th birthday party. Just about noon, the invasion started. Three adult tickets and eight children to Chester, a walk to Quasar Elite, three games there (Viv and I didn't play) followed by a BK meal, a bus and train ride home and the end of a party: Cake and Coke.
So now it's coffee, Morse and the end of another week. Morse has been most nights home since Christmas. Watching him earlier in the evening makes the obscure plots more comprehensible.
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