Ian (ringbark) wrote,

You can't beat Wellington on a good day

But this wasn't it.
As we reach closer and closer to winter, the weather seems to be getting worse.
On Monday, the weather was not too bad, with a light lunch at Burger King called for. The girl at Courtenay Place who served us on Wednesday was, we thought, the worst possible employee of the chain, but the person who served us today excelled even that abominable level of service, not being able to comprehend simple things like the difference between a burger and a whole meal, or knowing how to upgrade a meal with a milk shake, or how to key the right amount into the eftpos machine or even remember to return a loyalty card.
Monday night, Viv was at UH Toastmasters giving a speech about which I have no information.
Tuesday saw a BAINZ committee meeting at lunchtime, with a quickly grabbed snack for lunch. Tuesday night was church vestry. Another interesting vestry meeting and conversation afterwards, the details of which need not concern readers of this, some of whom may even remember the meeting or the conversation.
Wednesday saw me wandering round Lambton Square, looking for the new Subway which has just opened there. At first I couldn't find it, but I did find Andrew, one of our Toastmasters, who is leaving this weekend to go and work in the Bay of Plenty. Good luck! I did find Subway in the end, and had a meatball 12" sandwich with smoked cheese on honey oat bread. No doubt louderback and sheaj34 will be pleased to see that some news of lunches has returned after a long break.
For tea, we had pizza, though not as much as we usually do. It was pleasantly warm in the Valley last night.
I finally took the time to watch The Flipside of Dominick Hide again last night, taking some notes which might be useful for a project I might work on some time.
An early start this morning, Capital Breakfast's AGM. I was successful in not getting a committee position this year, which I celebrated later in the day with another BK meal.
This evening, as I stepped out of work at around half past five, there was truly torrential rain, such as I have not seen since we moved here. There's an eight minute walk from the office to the station, but not all of that is covered. At the road junction where the covered walkway stops, we seemed to wait for an age before the lights changed, and then the wind started to blow the rain onto us.
Then the lightning started.
As I crossed the road, it got worse and I could scarcely see my way as I stumbled along the road to the station, hoping that I didn't step into the road, and reckoning that I may as well keep going rather than try to dodge the pools of water on the ground (well, where else would they be?)
My eyes were stinging and my suit was soaking by the time I reached the station and got on the last train to Masterton. It's a longer distance commuter train and the last one leaves at 5:42. It's usually full, but tonight's train was almost empty. I picture almost a train load of Wairarapa passengers trapped in soaking clothes in Wellington, wondering what they will do for the night.
By the time the train arrived at Taita, it had stopped raining, but my clothes were still soaking.
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