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Despite the claims on the websites, the trains were not running this morning. Fortunately, there was a bus, so we got that. At church, attendance was right down. Most of the people wedded to their cars hadn't made it to the service. Those who didn't make it missed a sermon from Nick about friendship.
* In the city, friends are your family - original tag line from "Friends", but illustrates ideas of friendship.
* These ideas are not new: they can be found throughout scripture, particularly in Proverbs, where the sermon series is from.
* Friends do not always flatter or praise: appropriate criticism or direction makes for friendship where nothing but praise is enmity.
Trains were running intermittently later, so we caught one, but quite a long wait. While we were waiting, snowball fights ensued, freezing Matthew and particularly Christopher. David was persuaded not to venture across town for archery today. Roast chicken and veggies for lunch. I nodded off for a few minutes after lunch, before we ventured out for the evening service. This wasn't a well attended service either, with a theme of loving kindness. It wasn't the theme that was keeping people away, however. Someone exercised the said loving kindness by giving a lift home, but we still had to pop out to the station to renew our season tickets. While we were out, Viv bought some hot chips which we are just devouring now. Coffee soon, and then bedtime, as mentioned last night.
Forthcoming attractions:
Monday: Viv to dentist, Ian to interview
Tuesday: Ian at PRMIA seminar in London
Wednesday: Ian comes home
Anyone who wants to say hi in London on Wednesday morning can contact me - see http://ringbark.livejournal.com/133077.html
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