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Euston station...

Just about noon, I left home to catch the train to Liverpool to catch the train to London. And so it was that on the trip there I read the free newspaper Metro - today apparently they start their 15th city - Cardiff - so what are the other 14? I know Liverpool was the 14th, last week.
On the trip to London, I spent some time listening to the studies on Joshua/Judges/Ruth and on the Nephilim. It only seems to be on trips like this that I have time to listen to anything much. It's because there's no net connection to waste my time. I think it's probably time to unplug the net connection and do something more useful at home, whether it's scriptural study or risk management study. Of course, it's easier to go cyberslacking tha spend time in any sort of study.
As I type this, I don't have a net connection: I'll copy and paste it later! We're just north of Watford Junction as I type this. At least, I think that's where we are...according to the schedule, twenty minutes north of Euston. I'll take my time.
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