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Saturday afternoon

As previously noted, I don't write so much when I'm at home. Thursday wasn't much of a day: we went out to the nut emporium and bought some nuts for the birds in the garden, followed by a trip to the supermarket. I knew there was a reason I didn't write much. Evening: Inspector Morse. We're obviously very close to the end: not just that there aren't many DVDs left but also the fact that we watched the episode where Morse's Christian name is revealed. Friday was another quiet day, spent sending out CVs and updatinf profiles, before we went out to see Christopher off to his Friday night group, where they were watching "The Goonies", about which I know nothing.
This morning has been filled with nothingness, with my updating of a few bits of pieces and Viv updating a lot at http://vivh.com , most notably the Vanuatu and Zimbabwe pages. New Zealand has also been tidied up.
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